Just a few years ago I began working as a producer and social media director for both an independent film company and a visual effects, design and animation company. They valued my energy, ideas and marketing skills - but being around so many creative people made me want to do more.

I've always been a bit of a shutterbug, so I dove headfirst into portrait and fashion photography as well as taking on set stills and behind the scenes photos. I took photography classes and learned from some talented professionals, and absorbed every piece of information about photography I could find on-line.

Now I have branched out into my own company and I specialize in head shots, portrait photography and stylized shoots. I have a fondness for natural light, but I also have some great studio lights to work with indoors. I love body art, and will take a million photos of any tattoos you might have if you don't stop me!


I love finding the uniqueness of each individual and showcasing that in my photos. Tell me your story, and let me find a creative way for you to show it to the world.

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